The Commissioning Committee provides a link between the city and the future USS John Finn (DDG 113).  The committee acts as a liaison between the ship and it’s “sponsor” community, while assisting the JOHN FINN's crew (who are supporting the Country by bringing the ship to life in Pascagoula, Mississippi) in coordinating events for the Commissioning.  The committee also acts as a conduit to channel community support which facilitates the different commissioning week events.


ADM Thomas B. Fargo, USN (Ret)
Honorary Chairman

CAPT William A. Kearns III, USN (Ret)

Mr. Andy Downes
Ms. Jane Ferreira
CAPT John Figuerres, USN (Ret)
RDML Alma Grocki, USN (Ret)
CAPT Donald Hodge, USN (Ret)
Ms. Susan Hodge
CAPT Jeffrey James, USN (Ret)
Ms. Linda Read
Mr. Michael Smith
CAPT Rodney Urbano, USN (Ret)